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Connection Problems


Recently I tried to access the SW2 server (etpro) and can't seem to connect. I've patched the game to 2.60b so that's not the problem. What will happen is when I try to connect it'll say "Awaiting Gamestate" and then as soon as the loading screen appears the game will crash to Windows (I am using windows 7, I have the game running in admin mode and all the stuff some people have suggested like running in SP3 have FAILED). As well, I used to be able to connect to the SW1 server and now for some reason the same thing is happening when i try to connect to that server. I have no problem connecting to the Silent 1 and HC servers, the NOQ servers, and even the Jaymod servers. On a side note, sometimes when im playing in the HC server, my connection will randomly go "phone jack" and when I /reconnect it'll just say "Awaiting connection". However, if I try to connect to the Silent 1 server when this problem occurs, I can still join. I'll try to go back to HC after I've joined the Silent Server and it'll still say "awaiting connection". To fix the problem I have to open up my PB client and run the TEST. Only then will I be able to access the HC server again. It's a lot of weird issues, and even when I try a fresh install I still cannot get into the pro server. The windows error I get is something like "windows had to close a program because it was not responding" or something along those lines. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.



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