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Website IP.Links - Updated

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New in IP.Links

  • Integration with IP.Board's reputation system
  • Implementation of Friendly URLs for the IP.Links home page, category view, and link view
  • New user group setting: Number of posts required to submit links
  • Automatic thumbnails of submitted links
  • Enhanced link validation (you can now check if the website returns an appropriate response rather than just the form of the URL)
  • Member profile integration:
    • Addition of a 'Links' tab (next to the About Me / Topics / Posts tabs) to see the links the member last submitted
    • A new 'Find Links' option (under the Find Topics / Find Posts links) to pull up all the member's links
    • Submitted link count added underneath the member's other board statistics

  • Notifications:
    • Complete integration with Watched Content - subscribe to categories and links
    • Ability to send 'New Link Awaiting Approval' emails to moderators when a new link is submitted
    • Ability to send an email or PM containing the reasons why a member's link was rejected
    • Email or PM member when their link is approved

  • Link Subtext Customization (text shown underneath the link title on category view):
    • Display the link's URL
    • Display the first x characters from the link's description
    • Display no subtext

  • Your Website Bar across the top of the page when a member visits a link
    • Allows member to quickly return to your forum
    • Displays link statistics like number of comments and hits
    • Allows member to share the link via Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Mixx, Delicious, and Reddit

  • User Control Panel Integration
    • Allow member to change the number of links show per page and how many comments are shown per page
    • Allow member to automatically subscribe to links they submit and/or links they comment on (Watched Content)
    • Allow member to choose whether they don't want to be notified or notified by email or PM when their links are either approved or rejected
    • Manage Watched Links -- View all current link subscriptions, change subscription types, unsubscribe, etc
    • Manage Watched Categories -- Same as Manage Watched Links, but for categories
    • Manage Unapproved Links -- Only for moderators, allows them to see and approve or reject unapproved links from within their User CP



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