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F I R E T E A M (S) - Enemy Territory

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I've met lots of people on server, even regular player, asking infos about fireteam.. so here's my tutorial !


When you are joining a server, you are asked if you want to "Create a fireteam" F1

then you can "Make fireteam private" (with F1 too) [only the player YOU invite can join your fireteam]


To invite someone to join your fireteam (alpha, bravo, charlie, delta...), you need to create one, then press "enter" from num pav, "bind kp_enter mp_fireteamadmin" 

or the key which is in the ESCAPE MENU > OPTIONS > CONTROLS (last paragraph) if you don't have pav;


                  Bind <key> "mp_fireteamadmin"   // Key to navigate into the fireteam menu

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy -1"    // Unselect all 

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy -2"   // Select all members of fireteam : here's my KP_5 bind

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy 0" 

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy 1" 

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy 2" 

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy 3" 

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy 4" 

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy 5" 

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy 6" 

                  Bind <key> "selectbuddy 7" 


then you navigate into the menu with the number 1-2-3-4-5-6 :  you can CREATE / INVITE / LEAVE / DISBAND ; type the number corresponding to the player you would like to invite.

You can't invite a player who's already on another fireteam.




A fireteam is often limited to a number of 6 people


But, what's the point of being in a fireteam ? 

  -> knowing the CLASS of your teammates (Soldier, Medic, Engr, F.ops, Cov.ops), their health status and their position (localisation on map) !!

When you press G, you can see NAMES on the map.

You can bind a key (i've Kp_5) to select all member of the fireteam, or just type the number of the player if you prefer to follow only one person; then they will have a distinctiv mark above their head ingame : perfect for those who are objective-players! Easier to follow your mate


Other interesting point = you can talk in your proper langage into fireteam with the U key to respect the "english in main chat" rule :)


Here on the picture is an example of fireteam + mark above the head -we can see I've selected them all because they are highlighted in grey-






Is there any commands to adjust the display of fireteam ? Yes !


Seta cg_drawFireteamOverlay "0"                         // Draw the fireteam.


Seta b_locationJustify "0"                                     // where you want the fireteam to be (0, -1, 1)


Seta b_fireteamLatchedClass "1"                       // Indicates the rank or class mate+class switching to the next spawn (0 = Rank, 1 = Classes) 


Seta b_locationMode "13"                                 //Infos into fireteam : 

//1 : Name. 

//2 : particulars = localisation = GPS 

//3 : Name + particulars 

//5 : Name (no PVS check) (PVS : find the nearest place name). 

//7 : Name + particulars (PVS) 

//9 : Name (unknow quand inconnu) 

//11 : Name + particulars

//13 : Name (PVS)

//15 : Name + particulars (PVS)


Seta b_locationMaxChars "25"                     //Total letter used in the fireteam to inform the localisation/place.


seta b_fireteamAlpha "1"                            // transparencey of the fireteam, value btw 0-1 



Any questions? feel free to ask, hope this tutorial will be helpful, thanks for reading


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If playing on the stopwatch server and its 3v3 or 4v4. Please accept a fireteam invite if someone sends it... While you may not like having the fireteam info displayed. It is very helpful for your team and medics. 

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