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My battle station right now and what im going to build in the future

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this is my setup right now i have the laptop hooked up to the monitor through a HDMI,  the laptop is surprisingly not to shabby i played through Bioshock Infinite on medium high settings and was running 30 FPS and occasionally would drop down to 24 in some areas. resolution (1366x768) I don't think i could get the 30 FPS with my monitor i have now its full 1080p resolution.


i recently bought the monitor and keyboard, i will be buying the rest of the components to build a PC soon its going to have a 


  • i5 3.4 GHz quad core that boost to 3.8 LGA1155
  • Nvidia 660Ti
  • WD 1 Tb HD
  • 600 watt power supply
  • 2 x 4 Gb G.skill ram sticks
  • NZXT guardian tower
  • Gigabyte Motherboard LGA1155 socket

So that is what my computer will have in it my brother has built a few PC's and will be helping me get this bad boy put together!





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