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Ol Smoke

A tasty casserole dinner...

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My daughter-in-law fixed these for me.




Ingredients:  hamburger, French fries, onion, cheese, beef gravy or mushroom gravy.


You will need an  8x10 pan or glass baking dish  spray or coat with olive oil.


Take the frozen French fries and line the bottom of the dish but not more than one fry deep. But cover the bottom.

Fry the hamburger with salt and add some onion and garlic to it while it cooks.

Open a can of beef gravy and pour some over the fries.  Leave at least 3/4 can for later.

place a layer of hamburger over the fries.  Pour the rest of the gravy over this layer.

Spread a layer of cheese.  Medium cheddar tastes best.  But you decide on the cheese.

Now put another layer of the beef on top and sprinkle more cheese over that.

Put aluminum foil over pan.

Put into preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.


This is all it takes.


Perfect thing to take to superbowl party.




Now here is another casserole for breakfast.


Using the same directions as above you can make this tasty breakfast.


You will need the following:


6 eggs, milk, cheese, ground breakfast sausage, and frozen hashbrown potatoes.


Whip the eggs with a little milk until smooth.

Brown the sausage in a fry pan.

Coat the bottom and sides of the baking dish with olive oil.

Place about 1/2" (13mm) of hashbrowns on the bottom of the dish.

Pour a layer of the eggs onto the hashbrowns. Don't mix it up.

Layer on the sausage.  Top with a little cheddar cheese. Cover pan.

Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.




**For "Phoenix" and "I kill campers"

 While this bakes, cook you up some grits for a side dish.  Oh yeah, daddy!



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dude come on man wheres the Pics at. lolz this sounds like the perfect man meal. meat, cheese, potatoes and gravy! lol

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Actually I am making it right now.  Will take pics.  Here are the pix.

It was very tasty.  I would recommend garden peas or green beans with this meal.

The gravy was a little thick to work with because it was out in the garage pantry.

I should have warmed it up a little, but it came out the same after cooking.

I think Worcestershire sauce would be good in this too.


So, there ya go.  There is one thing I forgot to mention in the recipe.  Let the fries

thaw on the counter at room temp before putting them into the dish.

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