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need !putteam cmd

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Hi guys,

i would like to get the !putteam cmd cuz no1 care about balance teams,

im level 4 and i can kick, mute and warn but i need !putteam to even up teams,

thats all i ask 4.

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I presume that you are the Reptyle. that plays on Fun#1 (silent mod).  http://et.trackbase.net/player/2879395/


The Admin Levels section in the Fa Wiki does not show !putteam for a Silent Level 4 admin, but does in Jay and NQ mods.  It would take an FA policy change for you to get lev4 in Silent mod.


level = 4  (silent mod)
name = Community Regular [Admin IV]
Available commands = | admintest | dewarn | howfair | kick | list | listteams | mute | resetmyxp | showbans | spec999 | spree | spreerecord | stats | subnets | tspree  | unmute | uptime | warn |


ADDED:  looking @ next post, some of this post is wrong :)

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