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Ol Smoke

Video card trouble with my new Win7 install...

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As some of you have read I have been rebuilding my PC for Win7/64 and have had a few issues.  One of them is with the COD4 game.

I have tried everything to make it stop locking for a msec or two.  Today, I found out the reason.


I have an older video card which is an ASUS 9800GT NVidia card.  It is a 32bit video card which will run under Win7/64.  But, here is the

caveat.  It passes off memory load, to and from the cpu, using two 32bit tubes.  That is why it is doing this hiccup all the time.  One line

will be going along and will stop to pass off the memory load to one of the 32bit caches, while the other plays the game for a few seconds,

then it will stop and pass off to the other one.  Since it isn't a true 64bit video card, the motherboard takes over the pressure of the data

from the video.  This little hiccup it does is when the motherboard passes off the data stream to the other 32bit line in the cpu.


It was explained to me like this.  You have two water pipes coming from a dam full of water.  Normally these two lines pass all the way to

the city (CPU) without any loss of pressure or volume.  But I have one pipe coming from the dam, into a Y connector that splits the pipe into

two pipes that go to the city.  In the Y there is a gate that makes the water try to use both pipes after the Y.  That gate is constantly switching

back and forth between Pipe 1 and Pipe 2.  Everytime it switches there is a momentary pause for the pipe to fill up again.


Or something like that.  If you know what he is talking about, then write here.  All I know is that the problem will go away after I get a new

64bit video card.  Which I did.


I got this card coming this week.




It's not expensive but it will do the job very nicely.

With that I think I have the system done finally.

The guy that helped me said none of this stuff would have happened if I had gone with the Win7/32.   Good to know.


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Hey Smoke,


Glad to hear it sounds as though you may have your problem solved. Had I known about this sooner I might have recommended an AMD 6670 or 7750. They tend to run about ~$15-20 higher in cost but the performance is quite a bit higher from my understanding. I did some research on these cards awhile back when looking for a new HTPC video card. For that price though, damn hard to beat. I hope it works out well for ya.

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I put the graphics card in today and now the system is working very good.  The video is smooth and gameplay is great.

The weird thing is how fast my mouse is now.  I had to slow it down some.


Probably just not a good idea to mix old stuff with new stuff.  The old video card was purchased in 2008, along with the MB.

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