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Anyone want to talk about The walking dead?

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Love the show and I tape Grim also

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I dont know what else to talk about and they say I need more forum activity

Ojdajuiceman is a Cod4 applicant.


When I log onto this FA website almost every day, I click on forums, then click on "new content" on far right.  If you have it set for "New since my last visit" under "By time period" on mid-left, I guarantee that you will find something to comment on, if nothing other than a "Holy Shit" at some of the pictures the site members post!  I have a whole collection of pics downloaded from such topics that I plan to send to FB friends at the right times.   BTW, one problem with this habit is that I sometimes miss important news on the main page!


You should probably explore the cod4 forums directly from the "forums" button on the main page for interesting and informative posts.  One caution:  check the last post time, before you add comments to a thread.  You don't want to "revive old posts".  If you feel that you need to post, you can start a new thread and add a link to the old topic. You can also use the Search function to find similar posts that are newer.   Some old threads remain relevant and important for years and years.


:offtopic  BTW, avoid Off-topics, like this post!   :hijack  

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I love Walkind Dead so much! Amaizing tv serie one of the best those last years , i also love True blood , amaizing one too with fairies, vampires, wolves etc etc amaizing! :D

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