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Quick CVAR question


I've been looking through the list of ET Cvar's and I have not been able to find the cvar for "switching to alternate weapon" which is usually mouse2 in default settings. I use mouse2 for "+movedown" and inside the options I cant set it properly without binding it to a key. If someone can post the cvar they are 100% sure about It would be nice. Guessing multiple times would just spam this topic with useless crap. Thanks for your help.



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Here is the ET default cvars file binds.


you can see it's MOUSE2 "weapalt" but as Kronos said for jaymod you can put +attack2 which allow you to throw knife but it's not by default in jaymod cuz by default it's always "weapalt"


// generated by ET, do not modify

bind w "+forward"
bind s "+back"
bind a "+moveleft"
bind d "+moveright"

bind SPACE "+moveup"
bind c "+movedown"

bind e "+leanright"
bind q "+leanleft"

bind x "+prone"

bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "weapalt"

bind MWHEELDOWN "weapprev"
bind MWHEELUP "weapnext"

bind 0 "weaponbank 10"
bind 1 "weaponbank 1"
bind 2 "weaponbank 2"
bind 3 "weaponbank 3"
bind 4 "weaponbank 4"
bind 5 "weaponbank 5"
bind 6 "weaponbank 6"
bind 7 "weaponbank 7"
bind 8 "weaponbank 8"
bind 9 "weaponbank 9"

bind SHIFT "+sprint"
bind CAPSLOCK "+speed"

bind f "+activate"
bind b "+zoom"
bind g "+mapexpand"
bind r "+reload"
bind TAB "+scores"
bind ALT "+stats"
bind CTRL "+topshots"

bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind l "openlimbomenu"
bind M "mvactivate"

bind , "mapzoomout"
bind . "mapzoomin"

bind = "zoomin"
bind - "zoomout"

bind t "messagemode"
bind y "messagemode2"
bind u "messagemode3"
bind v "mp_quickmessage"
bind z "mp_fireteammsg"

bind F1 "vote yes"
bind F2 "vote no"
bind F3 "ready"
bind F4 "notready"

bind F11 "autoscreenshot"
bind F12 "autorecord"

bind KP_ENTER "mp_fireteamadmin"

bind KP_DEL "selectbuddy -1"
bind KP_END "selectbuddy 0"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "selectbuddy 1"
bind KP_PGDN "selectbuddy 2"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "selectbuddy 3"
bind KP_5 "selectbuddy 4"
bind KP_RIGHTARROW "selectbuddy 5"
bind KP_INS "selectbuddy -2"

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Duly noted, Thanks for the help.



TO Medic:


Very usefull, now I can switch up the default controls to what I need. Much appriciated.

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