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Ol Smoke

Making a new system logo for your PC

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This is fairly easy to do even for the layman.

Some guys are scared of editing the registry, but this is pretty straightforward.


1.  You will need to create an icon or image that is less than 120x120 pixels.  Such as 119x119.  It is to be stored as the following files:

      OEMUser.bmp   and  SystemLogo.bmp


2.  Once you have this done you will need to do the following in the steps below.


3.  Go to  C:\Windows\System32\OEM\

4.  Find the  OEMUser.bmp and SystemLogo.bmp and rename them both using the .bm2  extension.  It will warn you, but proceed anyway.

     Then copy and paste the icon/image you made into that directory.


5.  Go to the RUN command off of the Start Button and type in   RegEdit      **

6.  There is a listing of the areas of the registry.

7.  Click on  Local Machine   then  Software    then Microsoft   Windows    Current Version    OEM Information  Manufacturer  SupportURL

8.  When you click on Manufacturer you will be able to type in whatever you want.  Such as your name.

9.  When you go back you can click on support URL and put in whatever you want to there also.

10.  Then close out of the registry.


If you have My Computer icon on your desktop then right click on it, and then click properties.

There you will see you icon and what you wrote.

Here is an example of mine.  R & R was my system builder company.  The logo was on the systems we built.



**To get the run command onto the start menu follow this:


Right click on the toolbar at the bottom of your desktop page.

Click on properties. Then Start Menu  Customize   Scroll down until you see  Run Command  and select that box.  Press OK. Then Apply.  Then OK.

Now the click on the start button and you will see the RUN command at the bottom of the list on the right.

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