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How to take a screen shot for Windows - Enemy Territory

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1. Press the PrtSc button on your keyboard, it should be on the top right corner.

2. Click Start, click Accessories, and then click paint or Microsoft office picture manager or some other picture taking/ holding program.

3. In the Paint window, click Edit, and then click Paste.

4. When the image appears in the Paint window, click File, and then click Save As.

5.In the Save As dialog box, in the File name box, type a name for the screen shot, and then click Save.

You can now print or e-mail the saved screen shot just like you would any other picture.

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I have always pressed Shift + Print Screen? but both seems to work. Wonder what the difference is? Nice tutorial lax, good job!

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If you are playing ET there is a built in function for screen shots that is very easy to utilize and can be used with just one button. The screen shots will automatically be saved into a folder for the mod you are playing on (etpro, etpub, jaymod, NQ, nitmod). To find the screen shot simply go to your gaming folder located inside Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and go to the correct folder for the mod you took the screen shot on (etpro, etpub, jaymod, NQ, nitmod). There you will see a folder labeled screenshots which will contain all screen shots taken while playing. This way you can take multiple screen shots without having to open up another program to save them.


Here is a simple code that can easily be added to any .cfg for taking screen shots and another one for toggling Demos on an off during a game. Like screenshots Demos will have their own folder located in the same place as the screenshots folder.


unbind F11			// Auto screenshot
unbind F12			// Record demo toggle

bind F11 "autoscreenshot"

// Record Demo Toggle
// scripts for demo recording
// binds	F12

set demoon "autorecord; set nextdemo vstr demooff; echo ^2Recording ^7demo"
set demooff "stoprecord; set nextdemo vstr demoon; echo ^7Recording ^1stopped"
set nextdemo "vstr demoon"
bind F12 "vstr nextdemo"

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Or here's code for a clear SS, without weap or HUD

bind  = "vstr ScreenShot"
set ScreenShot "cg_draw2D 0; cg_drawGun 0; cg_crosshairSize 0; wait 10; screenshotJPEG; cg_draw2D 1; cg_drawGun 0; cg_crosshairSize 50; play sound/movers/switches/switch_01.wav; echo ^3Screenshot ^2[^7o^2] ^1Taken^3"

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Is there a way to use


and have it save as jpeg, because:

I've always had


set to 1

but I've been looking through my screenshot folder and I have about 100 saved as jpeg which I can view in explorer and 600 saved as tga which I have to open quicktime to view.

Also the screenshots saved as tga don't have the date or time in their file name, so is there anyway to change this

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