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Drug Tests

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 I wouldn't want to work with someone who likes to get high in their spare time just like I wouldn't want to work with someone who gets drunk in their spare time.



is there anyone left that you still can work with :D ?

bit shortminded if you ask me im from holland where weed is legal generally there are far more issue's with alcohol then with weed.

but im not judging someone what he do in his spare time I judge someone what he accomplish on the workfloor.

and generally almost all people have something that aint correct 1 smoke weed 1 use alcohol some are fat some lazy and some are simply psychological not right lol.

I wouldnt judge someone just based on what he is doing outside workhours but only on the work he delivers.

And yes most of you know I smoke weed but I have a good job no problems and like too sport too.

it simply only get's a issue if you are a lazy person yourself, generally its always people their own fault of screwing things up.  


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I have in my contract that being in under any influence(alcohol, drugs or whatever) at work is prohibited. And I agree with it as I could be dangerous to myself and others under influence. But if I were in a group where one person smoked and not smoking myself weed last week and got randomly tested I could give positive result. So the problem isn´t what employee does in their spare time but the methodology used to test them.

Well one of the main points I was trying to make is that these tests are not representative of whether someone has a drug problem or not. I mentioned that a raging alcoholic could take the test sober and that person's test results would be used as evidence by their employer that they have no drug problem, which is completely the opposite of the truth. On the other hand, someone who tests positive for weed may have, like you said, been around a group of people who were smoking weeks before, and the employer uses their positive result as "proof" that they have a drug problem and should not be hired.


I wouldn't want to hire someone who smokes weed every day, multiple times a day. I also wouldn't want to hire someone who came to work intoxicated, ever. But these drug tests would be next to useless in terms of how they would help me determine who is and isn't a heavy/irresponsible user.

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We have a bad drinking culture here in Australia... Really bad...

People here drink to get paro, not just drunk, but over the top, cant stand up, ill beat your ass because you looked at me drunk

I'd rather they made alcohol illegal (if I had to pick out of the two)

I know plenty of people that drink and smoke weed... Id prefer to be around the people that smoke weed than drink

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