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help! with where to put something

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i am looking to make a thread. where maybe we could all help out TF2 and dota newbies by making them post 

1.what game they play

2.how many hours of it they have (if they are new or not)

3. what class they play


then maybe Myself or someone else could send them a trade offer with a couple things to start them off?


my questions are


1. is this worth my time (are there even any newbies?)

2. would people help + participate?

3. where would i post this thread?


thanks a lot for the help! and i hope to see you all around!

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I dont really understand what your trying to get at but here is the link to the

TF2 section: http://fearless-assassins.com/forums/147-team-fortress/


and heres where you can post about dota:



If you are talkin about trading with others then suggest making a topic here:



TF2 is always looking for new guys to join them. You can help by fill out an application and joining the clan here:



As you can tell there are many places for you to post stuff...

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