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Ol Smoke

A story about young guys and old men...

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An ol' Smoke story

Two young fellers were driving a semi-truck, hauling a large backhoe on a trailer, through the outskirts of town when they came around a bend and noticed an overpass that was rather low. The driver slowed and came to a stop when he could see that he was not going to get under it. He and his buddy got out and measured it every which way they could, but it was about 4" to high. Soon there was a bunch of cars behind them and nobody could move forward or backward. Now the guys were in a real tizzy with people yelling and honking when a young man got out of his car and went up front to see if he could help. He introduced himself and said he was an engineering graduate from a local university. So he helped ponder the issue they had but just couldn't find anyway to figure this out. So one of the young guys that's gathered around said, "Get a crane and lean the backhoe back enough to get under the bridge." Another guy came up with getting the backhoe off the trailer, but there wasn't any room to do that, now that all the cars were piled up behind the truck. Another guy came up and said to lift the bridge with the backhoe and crawl under it real slow as the backhoe holds the bridge. Well, after some mulling over they decided not to destroy a public bridge just yet.

About this time two old guys walking their dogs came up to them and asked if they needed help. The young guys turned and told them they had everything under control. That they would have it figured out in just a minute. The old guys said okay, good luck, and they continued their walk. One of the old guys turned to the other and said, "You think they will try letting the air out of the tires?" "Don't know, Sam, them are some really smart, educated fellers, they may know a better way".

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