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Ol Smoke

Stupid fuel line...

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I have an 1996 8 HP Snapper riding lawnmower that I use sometimes.  Last year it stopped running twice.

I narrowed the problem down to the carb.  So I bought a rebuild kit and fixed it.  It ran great for about

6 months then it started sputtering again.  So I opened up the carb again and it was clogged with some

dirt and stuff. I cleaned out the carb and it started working. 


Now three days ago I drag it out to use on the back yard.  It started, but wouldn't run at all.  So yesterday

I tore the carb apart again, and again it is full of dirt looking stuff.  So I tear into this POS to find what the

hell is going on.  The fuel had gone somewhat bad but it was clean.  I take out the fuel filter and it is clean.

So I have to rebuild the carb again so I decide to replace alot of things on this mower.  One of the things

I replaced was the fuel line.  After getting it off, I noticed that black stuff was on my fingers.  So I cut the

fuel line down the middle and opened it up.  Bingo!  The fuel line was falling apart inside.  This is due to

the alcohol in the gas that we have today.  That was the stuff that was clogging up the carb all the time.


Funny thing is,  the fuel line says it is BG rated for alcohol, but I guess after 17 years, even it breaks down.


So if you have equipment that doesn't run good, check out that fuel system.


**By the way, the fuel filter is connected to the tank, and then the fuel line.  That is why it never picked up

any of the debris.


Just FYI


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