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Camping Weekend

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Now where should I start?


Well lets start with the packing and just miss out the fun bits :P


Right so on Friday after school me, my dad and sister went camping. We went to place a called Mersea Island to camping with mates and that stuff. So we all stay in tents and have basically what you call it a mess around, well it wasn't really messy but you get the point. I hope. So we set the tents and then me and a couple of mates head over to the field to play football and we find a stupid camp. But not any camping. This camp was not so weird but I just read the topic seaside made and well what a coincidence. This year9 group were from mayflower high school. So yea so now I feel a bit strange but  never mind i shall continue. So we find this group and well most of them get annoyed but around 10 girls stay and talk to us get to know us. In the end we told them we were all unidentical twins and it took sometime but we got them to believe us. :D


So then Friday night was good got some beers bet with the girls and then the girls went to bed and well me and my mates wondered off to the beach and came back the end of Friday.


Saturday we get up at like 7am and go out fishing and we find the lake and we get some lovely maggots. Oh Maggots and well we were supposed to use them as bait but well we just through them at each other and then disaster. Some casts there line and get it stuck in a tree so he pulled it back and lol there this other guy sitting on a chair and doesn't see it coming and so gets a hook in his leg and well for 1 hour we are telling him to it out but then some dads find us and gets this boys dad and takes him to hospital. So yea 1 friend down already and well he got laughed at, at the hospital. So he comes back within 2 hours and is fine just can't go swimming in the pool. So then we go down the beach and because of the lovely weather we take our tops off most of us we lay in the sun getting tanned but some went out into the sea which had gone out and so were walking on mud. So from the view from the beach we have our tops off and watching them and then one slips over and has no top on. hahaha. So he is muddy and then another guy cuts his foot open on a rock and o comes back and guess what another one goes to hospital. Then these girls come over and well we they don't leave us alone but okay we are lying with our tops off so we don't care but the girls just stand there. I think they liked the sight :P. So they sit down and we talk, nothing much exciting and then they go and we are left either laughing or getting there numbers. So we spent most of the day down on the beach. Then dinner time and dad vs kids. the kids won 6-3 and then dinner was ready. Some nice pasta salad, hog-roast, burgers, ribs, bbq chicken, veg and then pudding strawberries and Cream and then we stayed up to 3:30am  and we did some stuff that night like throw tops on to the rugby posts, and lol some couldn't get it down. Then we found the tug of war rope. Hehe in the dark everyone awake and we ran across the field and well some people jumped over the rope but most of them got taken out. Some little kids cried most of them laughed s**t happens the main thing is we had fun. 


Then we had like a half-day there before we came home and I jumped on here. So this morning we went down to beach and we got like a drink surprise and sweets. Right time to explain what I mean. You are all allowed to get bored while reading this crap. So we bought cherrynade, lemonade, Doctor pepper and Pepsi. Then for sweets we got some like sour sweets, chocolate, some like tubes full of sticky sweet stuff and then finally toothpaste. Mixed it altogether and well the Drink surprise. So we put it to the side and played 21 dares and basically you go round in your group and they can say upto 3 numbers so, 


Person 1: 1,2,3

Person 2: 4,

Person 3: 5,6


This is until you get to 21. Well in this case it was whoever got 21 had to down the drink. Oh and they had one last ingredient. The last one was a mix of red bull and beer. So we got to 21 and for once I thought it wouldn't land on me sadly I just have no luck playing this game. I now have to drink 2litres of s**t. Oh well I managed it. It tastes awful and it won't happen again. The lunch happened and then time to go home. We said bye to the girls and left. I think they were leaving today.


I hope you enjoyed


WolfENgang a.k.a Cuddles a.k.a WolfENbanger (this is just phoenix's name for me)


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Thats some nice fun you had man... Want pics dude.. And yeah very well written. It was a pleasure to read  :woho:

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Sounds like you had a blast on your trip WolfENbanger!  Glad to have you back! :D

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