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Mac OS X ET Guide/FAQ - Enemy Territory

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Good choice in computers, although not really the best for gaming.


If you have any troubles with you mac, post them here. I'll help you out!


I'll add more to this when i encounter more problems.


Common Problems


Incorrect ET version?


Download ET 2.60c, the the 2.60d patches availiable from www.wolfmap.de


Can't save your config as .cfg with text edit?


Download TextWrangler, a freeware text/html editor.


PB doesn't start. Getting kicked for PB INIT FAILURE, PB heartbeats stopped


Download the PB client from www.evenbalance.com, and install it in the Mac HD/users/your username/library/application support/Wolfenstein ET




Cannot play on EtPRo with the 2.60d patch?


Easy. just download the 2.60b version, and don't patch it. ETPro hasn't been updated to allow the new patch. Make 2 separate installs, by changing the default install location of the new version.






This is a tough cookie. So far, the only surefire thing that works for me is to start ET, load the mod i want to play(jaymod/NQ/ETpro) and type the following:






/pb_cdkeyverauto 1




Can't play on ETPub Servers?


Etpub isn't supported, so your out of luck.


The guid auth applies to windows/linux if your having the same problems too.

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