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Apology for being a dick recently

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Possible drama ahead, but got to post this. So if you are not intrested in drama: leave now




After a day of sleep, I realized I might have been a butthurt **** yesterday and I'm sorry about that :(


I just want to make some stuff clear:


  • I really was planning to withdraw my apply (hustul can confirm this). For the simple reason  I'm convinced I wouldn't make it again to level 15

    This made my whole reapply obsolete, considering my biggest reason I wanted to reapply was to be again full admin on the server. I think I didn't make that clear enough in the in my apply (and the following up rants).

    Me going apeshit over the fact I got denied (probably because I didn't look serious about my apply), was totally wrong, specially because I was planning to withdraw anyway.
  • I still will drop any of my admin levels, more because I realize I went over the top yesterday and I accept the results of it.




Special apology to Retroleaves and Kat0n for being a **** on the server yesterday.


Kind regards DrJoske


ps. I will be almost MIA the next couple of weeks, because I'm preparing for exams => This is the reason I want to make my apologies now.

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No problem, I personally don't think you really overreacted, even if you could have reacted better :)

See you on the server!

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