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Shunsake's Pub Burger Recipe

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So with warmer weather rollin' out again, I figure people will be grillin' burgers and dogs and brats am I right? So I figure I'd chuck out my own recipe for some tasty cheeseburgers that are full of flavor, and good nutritious stuffs :3


So you gotta have yourself some:


-Onions (Sliced)

-Mushrooms (Sliced. Fresh not Canned)

-The beer, ale, stout, or lager of your choosing.


-Swiss and Cheddar cheese slices

-Fresh tomato ( Sliced)

-Peppercorn Ranch Dressing

-Any roll will do, but onion rolls work the best.


So, while you are grillin' up them juicy burgers, have yourself a pan, full of your mushrooms and onions, and one bottle/can of your chosen beer. Heat that, stirring occasionally, and keep it covered, this well let the beer soak into the shrooms and onion, and make them flavorful and tender, otherwise known as Braising. When your burgers are done, slap them on a roll, put some of your ale-braised mushrooms and onions on it, then add a slice of cheddar, then a slice of swiss, and put the tomato slices on that. Use the Peppercorn ranch as  you would any other condiment, and there you go, burgers so full of flavors that wouldn't be out of place in an english pub, and they make for great meals, so make some for your friends!


If this goes over well, I might post more recipes :3

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You may have posted this in the wrong the section but never mind. It sounds amazing.

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you should tell me where I should post the next one then, so I don't goof :3

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