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Ol Smoke

A funny thing happened on the way home...

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We are planning a trip in our motorhome soon and we wanted to take my wife's car so we could site-see.

We found a nice, unused tow dolly at this u-haul place.  It is not a u-haul model it is made by Stehl.

I looked it over and it was in pretty good shape but needed some sprucing up to make it right. So we

bought it and hooked it up behind the pickup and brought it home.  All the way home the dolly kept

trying to turn left.  When we would go into a left hand turn the thing would try to go over into the other road and

turn a tighter corner than the truck.  I kept thinking it needed alignment probably which is no biggie.

So we get it home and I start in on it and finally get to the point where I am going to clean the brakes

and the tires and stuff.  So I clean the right one and move over to the left side and I notice that the

tire and wheel are not like the other side.  The right one is a silver style wheel with circles and the

other side is a white wheel with diamonds.  The tires are not the same either.  So I measure the

circumference and the left tire is 2 1/2" greater.  Now I know why the dolly kept trying to turn left.

The left tire is slower in revolution which makes the right tire have less drag and so on.

So I call the company and after I sent them these pictures they are sending me two new tires and

the same wheels.  So maybe this will work out after all.




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