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Map Exec Tutorial - Enemy Territory

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This exec file will allow you to display the current maps in a specific server rotation while connected to the server.

I have made this tutorial specifically for Jay1 because we do not have the option of using !maps and a lot of people have requested how this is done.

This can be applied to any server if you wish.  I have one for jay2 and 3 because I like being able to pick colors and sometimes the !maps is out of date.


*Again this tutorial is an example using jay1.  When the map rotation changes you will need to edit the document to include the current maps and delete the ones that are no longer in rotation.


Step One:


          Open a new text document


Step Two:


          Type this out exactly as it appears with say and quotation marks

          say "map names and color codes go here"


          so for example my jay1 document would appear as this alternating the colors white and blue:

          say "^wOasis, ^dSupplyD, ^wMarrakech, ^dCaen2, ^wGoldRG, ^dHydroD, ^wVenice, ^dTemple, ^wFuelD, ^dHauntedM"


          *You can type out the full names of the maps but I try to keep them short due to the space limitations in-game.  Also the colors can be altered to your liking.  If you are unsure of

          which keys are which colors then please see the nickname generator @ http://fearless-assassins.com/enemyterritory-nickname-generator.html

          *Again when there is a new rotation you will need to edit the document or if you decide to change the colors.


Step Three:


         Name and save the document as .cfg




         *You may name the document whatever you like but it needs to be saved as .cfg


Step Four:


         Place the document in your etmain folder

         *For mac users this document should go into the etmain folder that is on your desktop directory; not the one that is in your application support directory


Step Five:


         Start the game and and join the server for which you have created the exec.  

         Open the console and type:

         /exec name of file



        /exec jay1maps


        Then press enter and your maps should show up.



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