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Changing hdd

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today i wanted to change my harddrive with a SDD in my laptop to get a bit more performance.

Tought it would take me not more than 2 hours....

hahah it took me 8 hours. tried to take a clone of my harddrive and put it onto the new SSD,

but finally after 7 hours of trying and trying, i installed a new windows version onto my ssd


im not a computer nooby(at least i thought so :D) but i was really annoyed of this thing.


Did you tried to change replace your harddrive and copy a clone of your old on to it?

OR what was your biggest computer problem??




TomTom aka JAmesRyan


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I use a cloning software that does a bitstream clone in a simulated DOS system.  But when going from HDD to SSD that is not going to work.

You would have to use a copy disc program instead of cloning.  Since the SSD doesnt use disc sectioning.  That will take an incredible amount of time.

There should some kind of software that will do the job.  Look at this program on Downloads.com:



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