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Why is Walking Dead so good ?

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Unknown at this point
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As much as my wife and I love Walking Dead, we love Spartacus even more. If you are over 14, I urge you to check it out. (It's like soft-core porn.) The blood-splattering is over done and, at first, may seem corny. But the plot reels you in to much more profound depths than Walking Dead.

SPOILER- Regarding the question about the brothers, I think they are going be part of Rick's group for awhile. The fans love them both and neither is going away soon. What I'm curious about is how they are going to develop Merle's character. For the longest time he was an [email protected]#. And an antagonist. These traits have diminished. So what is going to fill their place? What side story is he going to occupy? He is important and liked enough to have a side story.



Oh man I agree, I was completely shocked when he finished the bible quote. I was like "Merle... reads the bible...?"

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That part was awesome!!!! Hershel may calm Merle down.

If Daryl,Merle, michonne, rick, Morgan and Therese all get back they'll be unstopabble




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Ol' Smoke Quote:

(Every movie and TV show does this it is what is called the "Hook". It is always there because writers learn their stuff from other writers and colleges before they get a job on TV or movies. Now Quinten Tarantino is famous for removing the hook and inserting the front page wherever he wants. The hook is supposed to give the movie a slower pace just before the climax and then the reprieve. I personally hate the Hook.)


I learned of the ole hook in the music business, some also called it the tag, but in Nashville it is referred to as "The Hook" Never really thought about it in TV, but that makes perfect sense..

Ol Smoke

Ol Smoke

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I know a lot of ex cons and they all know some Bible.  They said after a while all the books in the library are missing pages except the Bibles.

Some of them were well versed in the scriptures.  One of the guys is a baptist preacher up in Troutdale.  He never hurt anyone, but he would

rob you blind and steal your car.

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Bacon and others said it, it is very realistic.

A wide spread economic collapse


A disease outbreak, flu, antibiotic resistance plague (it is a Bactria), small pox, or any one of a dozen other diseases. Even ones we can prevent have huge pockets of unvaccinated people (FOR NO DAMNED REASON), especially in Europe, and liberal granola muching parts of America. It is extremely scary. Many diseases have 70% or higher disability rate, with 20-25% fatalities. And that was before modern medicine, it would be much higher now, because one - no one knows how to take care of themselves or their families, and two because once the infrastructure starts to collapse  everyone who is only alive because of modern medicine well die off very quickly (heart disease, diabetics). This well create a nightmare because burying the bodies well be extremely difficult.

A EMP blast (three could take out the entire United States, or Europe) . The loss of America would be worst case, because literally we feed a huge portion of the world, but in the end it doesn't matter, because the logitics involved in trying to respond to a Continental sized disaster are staggering beyond comprehension. We can only eat because of Modern Farming, and trucking. Without it literally millions well starve, freeze etc. Likely 50% fatalities, maybe more. Again no modern healthcare, sanitation, transportation. Literally moving us back 150 years, and without any of their technology or knowledge. It would be very ugly.



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I have always been interested in Zombies and Walking Dead is actually one of the few shows I watch. I also watched Heros if you guys have seen that and I am also watching Breaking Bad. All are amazing shows :)

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