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EC XX fail

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Last night was supposed to be the grand final of the Clanbase Eurocup but as many random journals illuded to yesterday the final was not played, for those who dont know (I didnt until now) this is what happened:

Quote: Killerboy
Francis & Homer had a radio shoutcast, and francis invited taZ and matias to shoutcast aswell apparently there was a misunderstanding (ecw thought it was a for pre-match only) only 1 could join the server due to insufficient slots and matias gave up (before the match started) and he quit without much problems but tazor kept on joining the server during the match and radio shoutcast connecting with voice changer and ruining it. After we kept on kicking him we got another CB admin Rayzed, and that solved the problem cos nobody could connect server was full so taz pasted the server ip & pw on #et-finland actually this happened before we got rayzed first he pasted the ip & pw then "grzesiek" connected with what we believe an rcon hacker. ETPro logs show he tried to crash it we kicked him from the server and rayzed joined, 5 minutes later everyone was kicked we dont know who it was for sure yet since we are waiting for the server console logs skooli and arni have all the details.

When will the match be next played? Potentially tonight, both sides were looking to play tonight however snoop came down with a rare condition of nerdrage and deleted his entire profile and buddylist (serious stuff) and claimed he wont play again. One of the reasons for this was that ECW had defended radar for 9 minutes and started attacking well by taking the CP within 2 minutes so map 1 looked to headed their way.

We'll bring you more as the story unfolds!

Major fail


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fail x 5 = ?

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