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Josh/Faded :)



Would any of you very kind people know why is it I lag soooo god damn bad??


I have a good PC and decent internet so I know those aren't the problem.


I will have a complete steady 225 FPS and see no other numbers what so ever on other servers. But on any of the F|A servers, I'll have 225 for like 5 seconds, and then boom. It's like 3-5 FPS for another 10 seconds or so. Sometimes it clears up, and most of the time. It doesn't.


Also, I've began to notice; it only does this on servers with PB on. When I'm not on a PB server its real smooth and 225 FPS all the way throughout the entire map..


To me it seems to be getting worse. I've updated PB, turned off firewall.. ect ect. Nothing helps. I'm generally okay at fixing these kinds of things, but nothing is helping with this one.


Not to mention in the passed I've even reformatted my PC because of this, and that still didn't help.

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