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I think they should become gamers........

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I was reading the news today online and unless your a caveman, you have seen there is war everywhere and for those not at war it seems like at least on the verge. I understand in some cases in the past there were certain "understandable" reasons, but over all it seems as if some countries are always at each others throat for one reason or another and lots of times it is over something stupid and/or something non-existent. I don't know much about politics and don't claim to know the ins and outs of it all, but from the outside looking in, I can't find any good reason right now for so many nations to be at war or talking about going to war. It is unfortunate that most of this exists over racism, greed, oil, power or in some cases just plain old power hungry. I look at these dusty old men and all their suits and ties, the people that we trust to be good stewards of our money our lively hood, our families and I realize that, they are not out for our best interests, they are there for what it can do for them and have totally forgotten who elected them to that position and why they are in said position. Why is there so much hatred and anger towards other countries and nationalities?


Then I look at something like this community here, the FA community and I see all these different races and nationalities, coming together in friendship and comraderie, sharing their lives, thoughts, photos and general friendship and I am blown away by the complete absence of all the hate the power struggles that are associated with the political side of our governments. I mean I understand that individually I am sure there are some here that still hold some of these grudges associated with their country of origin, but even if that's true I have yet to see it expressed. We come together and share in a common goal of enjoying each other, the games we play and the stories we share, all the while the bias, racism, stereotypes, and economical advantages/dis-advantages take a back seat to that goal. I know some countries and/or nationalities have a stigma or stereotype attached to them as being warmongers or instigators of war and hatred, but we can't take a small portion of a people and make a judgement on who or what that country/nationality is about.


I realize there will always be war and there is nothing I can do to stop it, even we as a people can't stop it, but we can at least voice our opinion about how we feel. I would just like to say, as an American and I realize not all Americans hold the same views and belief as I do, that I hold no grudges, bias, hatred or disdain for anyone and I see you all here as my equal. To me, you are my brothers and sisters and I think that gamers, in general feel this way. We have a common goal a common love and that has pushed us to look past one anothers differences. Some say gamers and clans are communities of misfits and rejects, but I say we are the strong portion of people left here on this planet that look past the politics and anger and enjoy each other for what we really are.. A family of brothers and sisters.


Again, thanks FA community for accepting me into the fold..


-=Chr0n=- A.K.A. Shane :D

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Great topic.

I was online with Laintime the other day and told him that it is amazing that he is on the other side of the world from me and yet we are conversing as if we were across the street from each other.

No matter who you are, or where you live, all you want is to have a life of peace. A good job, a house, food and a family to love. Only governments can't live together. People can live together.

I have always thought that if we had less communication with other countries, we would all be happier. It's only in the last 150 years that we have had problems with each other. Before that, we

solved our own problems and lead our lives.

=F|A= is a great place to really have a talk with other guys/girls from other countries and be one on one instead of believing what is on the news every night.

Rodney Kings was right when said, "...can't we all just get along?"

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