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Native Japanese speakers? (Bleach question)

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I was watching Bleach again after a little pause, of course I watch it with English subtitles, or I won't understand it at all.


Coming to the question: I heard that guy Urahara clearly saying 『あたし』 (atashi, in case the font doesn't work), now is a man supposed to say that, or he is a bit 'weird'? Is there a chance that a japanese male speaker would say あたし?


And why I am there, I often hear characters saying things like じゃねえ, うるせえ, etc. but in a dictionary I only find うるさい, is that standard Japanese or not?



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At last! Something about Japanese! :D


Yes, a guy can use あたし(atashi), it comes the word 私(わたし、watashi), everyone can use it.

Girls only use わたし since it's more "respectful" kind of word.

Men mostly use 俺(おれ, ore) or 僕(ぼく,boku) which is more "manly".


じゃねえ, うるせえ are I don't know how to say it in english... uhmmmm. "shortcut" kind of words? They're not words that you can write in an essay or any important stuff. Maybe kind of "txt" word? Which is usually said by young people.


I hope I explained it clearly, English is not my Native Language.


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Thanks, I thought that atashi was female speech

But whatever Urahara says, he'll still look awesome saying it. ;)

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