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Ol Smoke

This is absolutely the stupidest thing....

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Okay. I am out in town today driving toward Safeway. The light turns red so we all stop. A young guy maybe 19 or so starts to cross the hiway in the pedistrian walk. He is

talking on his cell phone. There are two cars waiting for him to cross the street so they can turn. He is laughing and having quite a conversation on his phone, when suddenly, he just stops in the middle of the road and starts laughing and gyrating around. He gets really animated in his carrying on and loses all sense of where he is at. Everyone is

watching this idiot. Suddenly, one of the cars wanting to turn, blows his horn at him. The guy almost dumps a load right there. He looks back at the car, then he looks around, then he says "Oh, shi---" and runs across the road. When he gets to the sidewalk, he turns around and waves like he was saying sorry.


Absolutely stupid.

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