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25 Quick Linux Command Line Tips - Part 4

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76. How to change system date ?


# date -s "December 25 2007 01:01:01"


77. How to know your free base memory and other memory / swap statistics ?


# free


78. How to show disk space usage of your filesystem in human readable form?


# df -ah


79. How to get the top 10 of your mbox mail users?


# cd /var/spool/mail

# ls -lS | head -10


80. How to find process ID of a running service like httpd?


# pidof httpd


81. How to locate a binary file, command source and its man pages?


# whereis ping


82. How to find the location of a executable file that could have been executed when entered from a prompt?


# which ping


83. How to download ISO or any file from web using command line?


# wget -c www.google.com/testfile.txt

# wget -c ftp://google.com/google.ISO


84. How to transfer file via ssh?


# scp -c testfile.txt user@remote-hostname


85. How to transfer files that has been only changed from one host to another without taking comparison?


# rsync -avz remoteserver:/home/remotefolder /home/localfolder


86. How to transfer your identity.pub into a remote machine's authorized_keys?


# ssh-copy-id -i identity-rsa-dsa.pub user@remote-hostname


87. How to know who you are in a shell?


# whoami


88. How to get more real-time view linux process stats and info?


# top


89. How to issue a continuous trace route to a host?


# mtr host-ip-addres


90. How to trace route without resolving IP address?


# mtr --no-dns hostname


91. What is another text-based alternative to chkconfig?


# ntsysv


92. How to list out current cron jobs?


# crontab -l


93. How to get the CPU time?


# clock


94. How to set date and time from NTP server?


# ntpdate 0.fedora.pool.ntp.org


95. How to show current system path?


# set | grep PATH


96. How to list out currently loaded kernel modules?


# lsmod


97. How to know the total days of your system without reboot?


# uptime


98. How to get a system bootstrapped from redhat network?


# /usr/bin/go-rhn.sh


99. How to see current running user jobs?


# jobs


100. How to edit text files from terminal?


# vi textfile.txt

# nano textfile.txt

# joe textfile.txt

# vim textfile.txt

# pico textfile.txt (if pico is installed - Pico is a trademark of the University of Washington)

# tee vv

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