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Getting Back Into Guitar

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Hey All,


So I used to play guitar quite a bit, but mostly open chords and some finger-picking. Then I went off to college and haven't played for around a year. Now recently my worship leader at church needs someone to play electric guitar and asked me, so I was wondering if any of you guys had suggestions for getting back into it. Mostly power chords, but I'd like to do some lead work as well. Any ideas or routines/exercises that helped you?




P.S. I know that it's going to just take practice, but I'm looking for specific tips or tricks.

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Depends alot of what style you want to play the most.

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Practising scales with a metronome is a good way of learning your way around the guitar. Power chords are pretty much in all Rock/Metal/Punk songs.

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1. Your absolutely right..practice is essential

2. You will improve dramatically by playing with others.

3. Power chords and Barr Chords are a great start to improvisation and creation but are considered the basics.

4. Scales and theory in general are a must.

5. Moller wears sexy pants

6. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to record music? Play live? Write songs at home for yourself or maybe for other artists? Or all the above? Can't do it all at once but you can do it all.

7. Your aloud to like Megadeth and Abba at the same time!

8. Don't hock your gear!!!

9. Start with 5 of your favourite tunes, get a copy of the songs and the tab for it and learn them from start to finish. (completeing something will drive you on)

10. Listen to more than just guitar in the songs you like..you will find that guitar isn't everything in a song and you will train your ear to pick out subtle nuances aswell.

11. Get a cheap recording device. Listening back to yourself will excite and stimulate you to be more creative.

12. Regular sex improves all facets of life including your passion for music. (Optional)



Ignore point 5. Goodluck.


Here's something to get you started with your lead playing.


Below is a Blues Progression in the key of E. The pattern underneath shows you the notes on your guitar that you can play along to it with. (Learn to remember what the notes are not just where they are.)


(The 3 main Chords in this progression are E,A and B.) Therefore if you are aware of the Chord changes not only can you play the notes in the image but you can play this pattern in A and B aswell.




E minor pentatonic scale.






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idk if you're into pink floyd or not, but learning the song Wish You Were Here was a huge stepping stone for me. I actually learned the names of some chords. it also helped me with chord changes.

i jammed with a guy that i used to work with and he had the poster of chords and had no idea how to use it and he has been playing for years lol. i actually showed him how to use it when i was beginning.


of course you might be way beyond this point, but it never hurts to go back to the beginning.

power chords will get you so far. same thing with learning one bands songs. you have to mix it up to become versitile and fluid.

i can go from playing Tool to Megadeth to Pink Floyd to Kelly Clarkson to Outkast to 3 Dorrs Down and so on..

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