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milli vanilli

Other Attention all!

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Now that the thread is on the end.. I just want to say thank you....

The number of ppl is this thread really moved me :)

I don't know how many of you already got to 30.. and I don't know if you feel the same, but I feel old, when I was +-20 I considered myself young..

lost of drinking and partying.. now +-30, if I sleep less then 8 hours I have a bad day :( I don't feel old (like I need to retire old ) but I don't feel young either..

Its as a weird age were is hard do find a place to fit, and you have to redefine you life style..

but I must say that this place.. does feel like home.. here doesn't mater how old, how smart or how good player you are.. you are always welcome.. remembers

me of that show "cheers".. "..a place where everybody know your name..".. and for that I really thank you guys.. :wub:

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Happy belated birthday Caldas!


When you get to your 30s, it's time to make some harder choices in life. So that's probably why you feel "old" because you have to make some tougher choices (ie. work longer hrs, work harder at climbing the corporate ladder, party like you're still in your 20s, etc). But don't forget to stop, enjoy life and play some ET once in a while to blow off steam.


My whole body physically changed from feeling invincible (like I could do anything) to nothing but aches and pains from doing the same physical activity (working out, basketball, hockey, golfing). It's now visits to the chiropractor for me to adjust my back and a massage therapist to keep my muscles relaxed enough to stop spasming out.


But take care of yourself physically and your body will let you feel young again!



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