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ET Server New map rotation for F|A SILENT RECRUITING XPS Enemy Territory Gaming Server - Sept 2012

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Sept 2012 - New Maps for Fearless Assassins Enemy Territory F|A SILENT RECRUITING XPS XPS gaming server.


Our F|A SILENT RECRUITING XPS we have map voting so you can vote your own maps during intermission.




1. Oasis

2. Radar

3. SW Goldrush TE

3. Caen2

5. Italy Fp2 - New ( Available when 15+ Players)

6. Special Delivery TE

7. Warbell - New (Available when 20+ Players)

8. Venice

9. TC Base

10. Supplydepot2

11. Subway - New (Available when 25+ Players)

12. Snatch 3

14. Reacton Final

15. Karsiah TE

16. Frostbite

17. Marrakesh Day - New (Available when 15+ Players)

18. ET Beach

19. Bremen Final

20. braundurf - Auto removed when 25+ Players

21. adlernest

22. Railgun - New

23. Bucket

24. Beerrun

25. ET Ice

26. Faclon 2

27. Baserace

28. V2 Base TE

29. Pirates

30. ET Carentan


To join server type in console \connect silent1.clan-fa.com:27960


We strongly recommend to run our pk3 cleaner version once every month: http://fearless-assa...to-pk3-cleaner/


pk3 cleaner will not delete any maps which you have downloaded. It will just clean up junk files so that your ET will start faster and you will have less lag on map start up.


Do you still feel server doesn't have map which you would like to play? Post it and we will try to add that map if it's nice.


Technically, you have only room for 2 more maps without deleting old ones :) Any suggestions for silent recruiting xps server, speak away!


That being said you can have 3 mortars and 4 grenade launchers when their are 25+ players. I have increased the limit of medics also, so that on full server you can have up to 6 medics per team. At max 40% of your team members can be medics.

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