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Well, now I'm busy making topics. One extra can't be a problem (again making them because it think it stays cleaner than all the questions in one topic).



Since a couple of months my ISP is asking me if I want to help test ipv6 (they are about to switch completely to ipv6). This would probably result in me getting a static ip (although not sure about that), but that's not the problem.


I was wondering can the change cause problems for w:et (and online gaming in general)?

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If you shift to IPv6 IP address and the game server you are connecting to is not IPv6-ready, then you would not be able to connect to ANY servers that are not IPv6 ready.


On a side note, availability of IPv4 addresses ( such as what we are using now atleast on ET servers) are continuing to diminish by numbers and soon would be finished. That means, all IPv4 IP space had been allocated and assigned to worldwide end users. New IP address requests would then begin to serve by IPv6 soon.

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