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New Live Update

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You can access new live updates from this URL:




You are not required to reload the page.


Mini version is available on side bar.


If you notice any php errors please let me know asap.

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Ugh you removed the new topics on the side bar? Guess I'm forced to use this new thing then...


Can't you make like an option that makes you choose between new topics or live update at side bar? I really prefer the new topics one (I don't check the rest, maybe once a week or month lol and by scrolling through the forum I can also see which topic has a new reply, so kind of useless having that on side bar x.X)




Also, you will probably read this.. can you change colour of CS member or GFX member? I'm not a CS member >.> You can make me pink, or choose a diff colour for cs member lol (maybe a diff kind of purple for cs member cus theres 3 blue member colours and 2 purple)

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