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TZAC command line option




downloaded tzac2 today.

for some reason i always have to type +set fs_game etpro all the time when i open TZAC.

someone know how to 'save' this command?


also, if i return from etpro to jaymod, is it needed to do /pb_cl_enable ? what if i forget to do execute that cmd?





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my tzac shortcut has this line:

G:\TZAC2\TZAC.exe 0 +set fs_game etpro


Of course g:\tzac2 is where i have installed it, but as you can see I have '0 +set fs_game etpro' at the end, I don't remember what's that 0 anymore, I could tell you if I search in tzac's website again



ok found it, 0 stands for ET, quote from tzac website:



Game IDs are the following:

ET - 0

COD 4 - 3

COD 2 - 4

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