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Google Wallet hacked to work on Verizon Galaxy S III [video]

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Google Wallet Verizon Galaxy S III

You won’t find Google Wallet, officially, on any of the smartphones offered by Verizon Wireless (VZ), not even the Galaxy Nexus. In fact, you won’t find Google Wallet on any smartphone offered by T-Mobile (DTE) or AT&T (T) either — the only carrier that supports Google’s (GOOG) mobile payment platform is Sprint (S). Other wireless service providers have backed a mobile payment competitor known as ISIS, and have blocked Google Wallet from devices that run on their networks. Despite this speed bump, hackers have found a way to enable the service on select handsets such as the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung’s (005930) latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. The device will of course have to be rooted, and after a slight tweak to the build.prop and the installation of a zip file, users will be able to make purchases using Google Wallet. A video demonstration follows below.

[Via Engadget]




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