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ETPUB Tournament

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Hey I'm a player from tjw, wanted to leave you guys this message...



Sign if interested. Of course the rules will be set by tournament admin(s). You may need to adjust to whichever server rules you have.

Everyone is welcome, no matter your skill level. If you have never played comp. before this may be your chance.


Any comment you leave will be considered as your vote to start the tournament up.


Any questions? You can add me on xfire at: etsnotdead


I most likely am not going to check this thread very often.. so the best way to contact is through xfire. Thanks...

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I've posted this on a few clan forums, and I get pms on xfire about it but nobody seems to put their comment. so if you want to reply here or something that's cool too.


Either way, when and if a tournament opens I'll come post a link for people to signup with. Remember, no questions are stupid... It's understandable if you don't know how to play comp. Ask whatever you like.

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I started typing up some rules today, will review them with gerb and make some kind of final ruleset. I also setup a server config specifically for the tournament. The server will be configured similar to an etpro scrim setting. This would mean there won't be skill upgrades, can blocking and kicking, nade kicking, goomba, poison needles.. etc.. Some other settings were also matched to etpro.



We have decided the tournament will be a 4vs4 with 1 rnade per team allowed.


The current map pool I've made up: Frostbite, Adlernest, Braundorf_b4, sp_delivery_te, supply, tc_base, and radar


Every user will need PB enabled and to have an etkey, and post the last 8 characters of their PB guid on the tourney website. More on that in rules list ;)


Teams are allowed up to 6 players, and a minimum of 4 players.


Spectators are only allowed if BOTH team captains agree. Admin spectators are allowed no matter what.


Planting dynamites at weird places which does NOT require a stack is allowed as well as Trickjumps, proning, spawnkilling, spawnpassing, spawncamping, and selfkills (a.k.a. killing out).


You CAN take side on any map, you can go whichever way is possible in a map which is not some sort of bug (like getting inside the towers in fuel dump).


Mines disabled (because it's 4vs4)


Current cvar restrictions:

set forcecvar cl_maxpackets 100

set forcecvar rate 25000

set forcecvar snaps 20

set forcecvar cl_freelook 1

set forcecvar cl_pitchspeed 0

set forcecvar cl_yawspeed 0

set forcecvar cl_timenudge 0

set forcecvar r_ambientscale 0.5

set forcecvar r_drawentities 1

set forcecvar r_drawworld 1

set forcecvar r_lightmap 0

set forcecvar r_showmodelbounds 0

set forcecvar r_showtris 0

set forcecvar r_znear 3

set forcecvar r_allowextensions 1

set forcecvar r_ati_fsaa_samples 0

set forcecvar r_ati_truform_tess 0

set forcecvar r_clamptoedge 1

set forcecvar r_colorMipLevels 0

set forcecvar r_detailtextures 0

set forcecvar r_ext_ATI_pntriangles 0

set forcecvar r_wolffog 0

set forcecvar r_zfar 0

set forcecvar r_drawfoliage 1




Nobody is allowed to play for multiple teams in the tournament. Nobody is allowed to pretend to be another player in the tournament and play on behalf of their team. Doing so will result in an expulsion from the current season from both teams involved!


A Demo of each round must be taken by each player. The demo must be saved for at least the remainder of the tournament. If any team thinks another team was involved in unfair play, contact an admin on xfire and have the demos ready to send. Demos will be reviewed and you will be notified as soon as a decision has been made. All decisions made by admins are non-disputable and arguing with admins will not be tolerated. Failure to present the demo on request will result in the entire team being expelled from the remainder of the current season. An admin may also request a demo from any player in which case the player MUST give the demo to the admin or suffer the same consequences. To enable autor ecording use this in your config or enter the command directly into your console at the start of each match: "cg_autoaction 1".


If a user is banned from this tournament he will not be able to compete during the current season and the immediate following season.


If your opponent does not show after 15 minutes, contact an admin on xfire. An automatic win is granted to the team who DID show up for the match.


They don't have to have a specific IOW, Bunker, SAS team....with only players from those clans, and if they have more than 4 players interested they can have multiple teams... so if IOW knows someone from SAS 2 + 2 = they can make a 4 man team.


Remember, I am waiting for gerb to come home and see what I've done and provide his input, so some things may be subject to change. This is just a little preview to get people familiar/excited and if anyone has questions that's fine too.

Edited by ETsneak

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Please use generic forums like TB or SL or crossfire for discussing this things.


At the end of the day some users might post that ETPub tournaments is so childish and lame since they would think all tournaments should happen on ETpro and TZAC. It just results in fight's or big argument while they are just posting their thoughts or idea which we can't control.


We had some bad experience with this things before and hence we don't allow 3rd party tournament discussion/petition/asking for suggestions, etc on our forums. Please don't re post unless and until you have permission from Fearless Assassins management team.


More or less you got one ban too: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-6f956379-vb235777.html


COD4 demo ban.





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