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How to add binds on CS:S

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How to add binds on Counter-Strike: Source


You need to type your binds in console. To open console you press the ~ key.[/size]

If you're not able to get into console you have to do this:[/size]

Go to your Library in Steam then right click on CS:S and go to properties > set launch options > type in "-console" > OK[/size]






Bindable Keys






Arrow keys: leftarrow, rightarrow, uparrow, downarrow

Mouse buttons: mouse1, mouse2, mouse3

The numpad

Key = Console code

Enter = kp_enter

0 = kp_ins

1 = kp_end

2 = kp_downarrow

3 = kp_pgdn

4 = kp_ leftarrow

5 = kp_5

6 = kp_rightarrow

7 = kp_home

8 = kp_uparrow

9 = kp_pgup

. = kp_del

+ = kp_plus

- = kp_minus

* = *




Weapon Commands

Weapon: Console code


228 Compact: p228

AK-47/CV-47: ak47

Auto Shotgun: xm1014

AWP: awp

Bullpup: aug

Clarion: famas

D3/AU1: g3sg1

Defender: galil

Desert Eagle: deagle

Dualies: elite

Five-Seven: fiveseven

Glock: glock

Knife: knife

Krieg 552: sg552

Krieg Commando: sg550

M249: m249

Mac-10: mac10

Maverick M4A1 Colt: m4a1

MP5: mp5navy

P90: p90

Pump Shotgun: m3

Scout: scout

TMP: tmp

UMP: ump45

USP: usp




Equipment Commands

Equipment: Console code


Difusal Kit: defuser

Flashbang Granade: flashbang

Full Primary Ammo: primammo

Full Secondary Ammo: secammo

HE Grenade: hegrenade

Kevlar: vest

Kevlar and Helmet: vesthelm

Single Clip of Primary Ammo: buyammo1

Single Clip of Secondary Ammo: buyammo2

Smoke Grenade: smokegrenade




Radio Commands

Voice: Console code


Cover me!: coverme

Enemy down!: enemydown

Enemy spotted!: enemyspot

Follow me: followme

Get in position and wait for my go!: getinpos

Get out of there, it's gonna blow!: getout

Go go go!: go

Hold this position!: holdpos

I'm in position.: inposition

Need backup!: enemyspot

Negative!: negative

Regroup team!: regroup

Report in team!: report

Reporting in.: reportingin

Roger that!/Affirmative!: roger

Sector clear: sectorclear

Stick together!: sticktog

Storm the front!: stormfront

Taking fire, need assistance!: takingfire

Team, fall back!: fallback

You take the point!: takepoint



Buying Weapons Or Equipment

If you want to buy a weapon or equipment very quickly you have to type that into console. This way you don't have to keep pressing B to find the weapon to buy.

To write the bind to buy a weapon or equipment, type the following:

bind (key) "buy (item name)"

For example:

bind 8 "buy vest"

bind 9 "buy vesthelm"

bind 0 "buy ak47"

bind kp_leftarrow "buy m4a1"

bind kp_home "buy mp5navy"

bind - "buy hegrenade"

bind = "buy flashbang"

bind [ buyammo1

bind ] buyammo2

So when you enter the game and probably have enough money to buy something and press the 8 key you will buy a vest


You can also bind multiple buys onto one key, type the following:

bind (key) "buy (item name); buy (item name); buy (item name)"

For example:

bind m "buy ak47; buy flashbang; buy vesthelm"



Switching Weapons

Switching weapons is a bit slow if you use your scroll wheel or the number row. So the best way to fix that is to bind your weapon to a key to switch it very fast.[/size]

To write the bind to switch weapons, type the following:[/size]

bind (key) "use weapon_(item name)"[/size]

For example:

bind ; "use weapon_ak47"[/size]

bind ' "use weapon_knife"[/size]

So when you enter the game and press the ' key you can immediately use the knife





If you want to say the radio commands very quickly you can also bind that to a key.[/size]

To write the bind to say radio commands, type the following:[/size]

bind (key) (radio command)[/size]

For example:

bind y fallback[/size]

bind u getout[/size]

So when you enter the game and press the u key it says the radio command: Get out of there, it's gonna blow!




Say Something

If you want to say something very quickly without typing the sentence or word all the time you can also bind that to a key.[/size]

To write the bind to say something, type the following:[/size]

bind (key) "say (whatever)"[/size]

For example:

bind o "say Hello everyone!"[/size]

bind p "say Great shot!"[/size]

bind i "say No fear! Alexandra the Dinosaur is here!"[/size]

So when you enter the game and press the o key you say: Hello everyone!



If you made a mistake you can easily unbind the key by typing this in console: unbind (key)[/size]

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