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COD4 Recording effects (greenscreen&wireframe)

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Hello all this is just a few simple things that I have spent the last couple days searching the internet for information on, compiled what I've found and am taking no credit for any of them, just trying to get the bases of really great effects all into one place! As they seem to go hand in hand sometimes biggrin.png


So, we're going to go over how to get a green screen effect in game for keying out later in sony vegas or after effects, how to record only your players gun as a wireframe, and changing the colormaps for textures ingame for a neat effect, where you take these effects is up to you, and I've seen some amazing things come of them! You might want to look on youtube for a mini-movie called "2d" by a guy named JayDesigns to see these effects in action.


I'm going to assume you know how to record demos and capture screenshots with cl_avidemo and render through something like virtualdub, also that you know how to add things into your config_mp.cfg , and that you should record anything other than original demos with a seperate account from the one you play on, if you need help just hit me up on here (contact info in profile) or check the other tuts here on =F|A= !


Alright, lets get going!


Green Screening: To get a very simple ingame greenscreen you can either bind these commands or put them one by one into the console

1. /r_zfar 0.000001

2. /r_znear 10000

3. /r_clear 3

4. /r_clearcolor 0 1 0 0


The bind for this would be - bind F5 "r_zfar 0.000001; r_znear 10000; r_clear 3; r_clearcolor 0 1 0 0"


greenscreen No Cfg


Now to bring it back to normal from the green screen:

1. /r_zfar 0

2. /r_znear 4

3. /r_clear 3

4. /r_clearcolor 0 0 0 0


The bind for this would be - bind F6 "r_zfar 0; r_znear 4; r_clear 3; r_clearcolor 0 0 0 0"


You can also add your movie cfg while green screening!


greenscreen with Cfg




Now on to wireframe only your gun. This is going to require a free program called "3d Ripper DX" , google it if you need it, it's developed by a site called deep-shadows, make sure you get it from there!


One thing you will want to do is turn off the 2d graphics when using 3d Ripper, a simple bind for this is - bind F3 "cg_draw2d 0" - to turn off 2d - bind F4 "cg_draw2d 1" - to turn 2d back on



Settings for 3d Ripper:





To get only the gun showing in 3d ripper you want to follow these steps

1. Load demo and hit the key you bound for turning on the green screen effect.

2. Now hit the key you bound for turning off 2d graphics

3. Hit the key that you set for "Wireframe Mode" on 3d Ripper

4. Record!





Now onto changing in-game colormaps. You can change it to all grey, black or white, with the colormaps set to black its hard to see anything other than the sky, so I will just show you grey and white.




colormap grey



colormap white


To do this effect during a demo you need to have either ran your demo through cod4 player or made sure you "devmap" a map before you start your demo while in the mod "ModWarfare". Now you can also add these to binds, but i will put them here if you want to just enter them into the console!


1. In console put - /r_colormap (number 0-3) - for the desired effect

1a. 0 is black, 1 is unchanged, 2 is white, 3 is gray.


The binds I use for these are:

bind F9 "r_colormap 3"

bind F10 "r_colormap 4"

bind F11 "r_colormap 2"


I think there is a way you can have some objects on the map not changed, ex. they are still the normal maps of the object, but I can't figure out how to do it or find a tut for it.


Remember putting all these effect together require a couple different recording sessions of the same clip, and overlaying and masking out parts of the other clips, a helpful thing for this is "cg_drawgun 0" when trying to have only your gun wireframed. You can overlay the wireframe gun clip over the original "cg_drawgun 0" clip with a movie cfg for a really cool effect sometimes seen in CS frag movies. You'll also want to look into keylight, chroma key, or color key in After Effect to remove the wireframe gun from the grey background, just play around with the settings until you get the desired removal of background color.

To change the color of the wireframe you can use CC Toner in AE.


Also remember if you have any problems or questions contact info is in my profile, you can also reply here I think, or you can check the other great tuts here on =F|A= !

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