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Et key and xp save


Hi guys, I'm castlin, just joined ur community.


I was advised to come here and post my problem.


So I downloaded ET (which I haden't played for over two years on my new pc). I went to etkey generator, got one, and put it in et main. (I put also in nq and in et folder in case).

Went to server, put a bunch of commands I was advised to put by one of your members (Stroebel ?), played a bit, a whole map, then went out and reconnected. Several times. Result : My xp is always resetting and Stroebel told me my etkey wasn't showing everytime I did a fresh connect. Any suggestions ?


Thanks for all

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http://www.etkey.org/ webpage tells where etkey file should be placed for different operating systems.


For WinXP: C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain(folder).


For WinVista and Win7: C:\Documents and settings\User(You)\AppData->Local->Punkbuster->ET->etmain (create the folder if it not exists).


But those are hidden folders In Vista and 7 by default.

You need to have Windows show hidden files and folders:

Start\ Control Panel\ Folder Options\ View(TAB): Show hidden> OK


Turn off User account Control because ET Is usually a full-screen game and You won't see the program's dialog.

Start> control panel> user accounts and family safety> user account(You)> turn user account control on or off>

UNCHECK the box that says: Use User account Control (UCA) to help protect your computer.

You’ll need to reboot your computer before the changes take effect.


It'a a good idea to run ET as Admin:

Right-Click on ET start Icon and Left-click on: Run As Administrator(Only once needed).


Right-click ET.exe --> Properties --> Compatibility, select Compat. Mode with XP SP2, Disable Desktop Composition, and tick Run As Administrator.


Never run pbsetup, It destroys etkey function In ET.

Download and run pbsvc.exe to update PB: http://www.evenbalance.com/downloads/pbsvc/pbsvc.exe

Re-Install PB...


Enable PB function If XP Isn't saved after map ends.

Run ET, Open console(Press ~ key),

Type: /pb_cl_enable [Press Enter] and...

/pb_system 1 [Press Enter]

/pb_writecfg [Press Enter]

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good tip buckwild

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