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r mode help needed


So i have this samsung synmaster screen attached to my laptop nvdia video card 8400m

now the problem is that i cannot play fullscreeen with r_mode 4 (stabler fps) .full screen comes only wen i use r_mode 9(unstable fps)

I have tried using commands such as r_customheight they dont work

i have also tried changing my screen resolution that also didnt make ne difference

also tried maximizing the screen with alt_enter it leaves rest of the area of screen black n game in middle of screen


ne help?

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to change the resolution in Game open console and


\set r_mode


0 = 320x240

1 = 400x300

2 = 512x384

3 = 640x480

4 = 800x600

5 = 960x720

6 = 1024x768

7 = 1152x864

8 = 1280x1024

9 = 1600x1200

10 = 2048x1536

11 = 856x480 (wide)

-1 = custom



if you do -1 you have to use userparameters

\set r_customheight XXX (curent display high)

\set r_customwidth XXX (curent display width)


if you do it ingame (console) you have to do

\vidrestard (maybe its \vid_restard, you will see it it will reload your screen)


to get a effect.



set r_fullscreen 1

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