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So. Latin. Hmm.

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So I was talking to a friend of mine at who who is learning Latin. I asked him what Fearless Assassins would be in Latin, and since I really don't trust the online translator widgets I asked him what it was.


He told me it was: Audaciter Sicarius


Now I can't begin to pronounce that at all. But he did tell me that the word Sicarius is the Latin equivalent of "Assassin". It comes from the word 'Sica' which means Dagger or Poniard. By way of the word 'Sica', 'Sicarius' comes from 'Secare", which basically means "To Cut".


Also, Audaciter, the root word for: You got it - Audacity!


Anyway, just a little fun thing I found to do.!

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