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Cannot play anymore after driver crash


Hey guys,


So I was updating my Video driver.

Stupid as I was, I forgot to uninstall the previous one

=> that driver crashed.

Eventually, it was pretty easy to reinstall it.

I have EXACTLY the same version, as I had before: so no updates done.

Everything seemed looking ok.

Resolution was back ok, I could play games again.

But then, when I wanted to play et.exe it runs with a crash!

I just get an error: We've found a problem, blah blah, crash (grey screen).


I've googled some things and what I've heard of it is, that many others have it too! And none have found a solution for an ATI video card.


So tell me what to do, if you think you know it.

Uninstall, and reinstall didnt work.

Completely other directory install, didn't work.


I really have no clue how to fix this.



Here is some info:


ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730





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Give this a try:



Please use this tool in "Safe Mode with Networking"

After cleaning up the drivers, reinstall the entire ATi driver suite (Catalyst Control Center).

It is suggested that you reboot your PC between each step, and by reboot I mean turn off your PC and leave it off for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on.

So... shut down your PC, power it back on and boot into Safe Mode with Networking, run the driver cleaner, power off your PC, power your PC back on normally, install the Catalyst Control Center, power off the PC, power the PC back on, and then open ET.

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A mate just helped me:

Apparently for W7 and Vista, there is one .dl_ file, you can expand in those ATI driver downloads.

Do that, place that new .dll file in your .exe of your driver.

Run the .exe.

Restart pc.


And everything should be working.

(It works, but still, it looks like it loads two times...)

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