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Any idea on how to change weapon faster?


Ok, for most new comers like me :) something just got into my mind.


Ive been thinking on how does the other player in front of me change their gun/weapon so quick at same time while I was changing my own weapon?


Is this a talent or a script?


Would you advise autoreload enabled or disabled?


Does current XP value affects the weapon-change speed?


I mean, how come others "seemed" to change their weapons faster than my game play does...


Would appreciate for some tips/ideas, thanks!

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Open ET console: Press ~, Type:

/seta cg_weaponCycleDelay 0.000 Press Enter


If You are playing mod(Jaymod) Settings will be saved to Jaymod only.

Set a key to select weapon(MG) If You use arrow keys to move like I do. 3 key, Which changes weapon to MG, Is too far to reach

So I set Left Ctrl key:

Press Esc, Options, Controls: Select Weapons: Slot 3: set key.

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