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Are you working, (where and what you do) or school?

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I'm a personal chef. Just left my job of 9 years as a fish monger to do my own thing and be home more.

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Got a degree for Business Management but might go back to do my Masters(Online maybe) if i have the time


But decided to become a Chef, travel to Cadiz (Spain) lived there with families and learned to cook the spanish foods, after that live in italy for a few months in Naples with some friends and learn the beautiful italian food, came back to Australia started at the local restaurant, washing dishes at first till i got my chance in cooking some food but was handling the soup area then they saw me with potential they let me cook some poultry, meat, etc after that the next year i got my break at being a Sou Chef, that year i got top 20 young chef of the year in australia, then the following year i got an offer to run my own kitchen in Hyatt Hotel took the job and never look back.


the best thing of being a chef is that at the end of the night, the food gets thrown away but i usually give the food away to the homeless, on the way home so that they too can appreciate good food and thats the best part of being chef

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