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Good afternoon everyone!

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As the title says:

Good afternoon everyone!


Since, I haven't really introduced myself (apart from my application), I'll give it right here, right now.


So, I'm 18 years old, I live in the Netherlands. I love to play soccer, play ET, hang out with friends, going to parties.

My favorite soccerclub is ofcourse PSV Eindhoven and I also just love the Dutch National Team..

At the moment, I'm studing at the secondary school in the Netherlands at 6VWO, which means sadly enough that there'll be some busy periods for me. After secondary school, I'd like to go to an university to study ICT Informatics or Civil Engineering.

Therefore, Informatics (ICT) is one of my favorite subjects at school.

I'm learning English, Dutch, German, French and Greek at school and I also did 2 years of Latin. (I'm a sort of language-student). For English I'm doing the International Baccalaureate program, highest degree in English language and culture.


I've been in a several clans.. Most of them died pretty fast and you wouldn't know them.. Though I also stayed for a while in |fun|, -TWC|, .EA#, [sHC] and *//DB//* (which is almost dead).. Been there just low-admin and in SHC I was a recruiter and in DB a co-leader.. Note that I'm not convincing you that I'm trustable and knows how to handle commands, cause like some filosofican said: ''Power must be kept for those, who do not seek for it''.

Uhmm.. what more? Can't really think of anything left to say.. So if you've got some questions for me, feel free to ask. :)


That was my introduction I guess :)

Greetings, Mayhem

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Helle and welcome to =F|A= forum! :)

Nice intro i bet you future is sweet!

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Amazing introduction, actually enjoyed reading it :D


Welcome to the forum and good luck with your application :)

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