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Iran Plots assasination of Saudi Arabia Ambassador to the U.S

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the story here : http://news.yahoo.com/alleged-iran-plot-wikileaks-052400830.html


my take on it:


I think the story being provided is false. I think that this is some sort of "payback" to when the president of Iran gave his speec at the U.N. regarding how U.S.A is a evil power with conspiracy plans etc...

This story is just a excuse to somehow start a bigger fight with Iran other than nuclear power. If the u.s. keeps on pushing this "story" and wants to retaliate you can expect WW3!


Now how is this story fake? Iran is not stupid enough to send a guy to D.C to hire someone from MEXiCO for 1.5 million to assasinate someone. First off 1.5 million is NOTHING to the cartels in mexico..its like a weekends income for them. secondly it would leave Iran with a paper trail

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My point of view... i know some US people will ofend, but,...


the Gob. of USA want to name Terrorist to Drug Cartels on our country, involving another counries... whats the reason?? Oil in México, we have a lot, they want an excuse to invade México and stole our Oil... just like Iraq (where are the weapons of mass destruction??)... some similiar situation happened with Afganistan and their drugs (Afganistan is the largest morphine producer).....and more countries....


So sad this kind dirty plotitics of USA... they are the largest consumer of drugs on the word, and want to destory our country, sending weapons, intelingence, training the drugs cartels on war tactic´s and more...... and the cuestion is, whats will happened with all drugs adict´s on USA if ther end with drugs cartels????? there are millios consumer who´s could died if they cut off the drugs...


Why the people of USA still suport this kind of stupid and dirty politic´s? there are the exemple of Iraq, everybody suport that war, cuz the weapon of destruction massive.... and where are this weapon??


A lot of peoples (kids, women, old people, a lot inocent) on my country die averyday, just for the drugs consumers on USA....i dont advocate to any kind of drug´s cartels... i just see the past and history of the wars of USA and everyone were for OIL or Drugs... peace

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