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TF2 Admining

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Admin Menu

First off, bind sm_admin to either a keyboard key or mouse button, this will display the admin menu so you can quickly execute basic commands. Open the console in game and run a bind command like this:



bind mouse5 sm_admin

Using Console Commands

For every console command there are actually 3 ways to run them.

1)You can simply type the command out in the console itself.



sm_kick Vsaint Sorry making room for an admin smile.png

2)You can preceed the command with "/" to run the command in the chat window



/sm_setnextmap ctf_2fort

3)You can proceed the command with "!" to run the command in the chat window, but everyone will see the command you ran.

So if you're setting the next map, or banning someone it's an easy way to both run it and have everyone see what you did.



!sm_setnextmap cp_dustbowl


Chat Shortcuts

There are a couple of shortcuts for using the chat commands from the chat window as opposed to the console directly. Preceeding anything you type in the chat window with an "@" symbol will show that message to everyone on either team, even if you're dead or a specator.




@Anyone want a new map?

If you preceed a message in the chat window with "@@pattern" then a space and a message it will send that message to whoever's name matches that pattern. The pattern doesn't have to be a complete name but it has to be unique enough to only address 1 person.



@@tuck This is a private message

If you preceed a message with 3 "@"s, it will put the message n the center of the screen for everyone to see.



@@@Tucket is a dirty hacker

Here are some of the more useful commands you might actually use somewhat regularly. You can use some of these in the chat window like I described earlier. The ones that give back long blocks of text like sm_who don't tend to work in the chat window if at all, so they're better used in the console directly. Most of these commands are self explanatory for the most part.





sm_help - Displays SourceMod commands and descriptions

sm_searchcmd - Searches SourceMod commands by a keyword

sm_who [#userid|name] - Without specifying a user it will list everyone playing and their access

Such as:


Name Username Access

1. auk.striker none

2. DeJNow none

3. nullpo none

4. [DiE]Phild97 none

5. snot none

6. theclamps none

7. josafish none

8. Maeres none

9. Doddy none

10. TE | `t`o`k`e`s none

11. gasman83 none

12. Spooky none

13. Rhyspache none

14. JaGman none

15. [DIE]Godasse none

16. jimmylegs none

17. The Rico none

18. nismozx none

19. Rhymenocerous none

20. Hitman Reborn none

21. [GNG]devil_dog DevilDog res, admin, kick, map, chat, vote

22. Fuer none

23. newOz none

24. Gyper none




listmaps - Will list the current server map rotation

sm_map <map> - changes the current map

sm_setnextmap <map> - sets the next map without changing it now. This will not reset the map rotation however. If you set the next map, the map after that one ends will be whatever was next in the rotation you interrupted.




sm_chat <message> - sends message to admins

sm_psay <name or #userid> <message> - sends private message

sm_csay <message> - sends centered message to all players

sm_hsay <message> - sends hint message to all players

sm_msay <message> - sends message as a menu panel

sm_tsay <message> - sends top-left message to all players




sm_kick <#userid|name> [reason] - Kick a player with or without a reason. This way you can kick someone to make room and they'll at least know why they were kicked

sm_ban <#userid|name> <minutes|0> [reason] - Ban a player by name or playerID. 0 minutes is permanent

sm_addban <time> <steamid> [reason] - Adds a permanent ban to the list by steamid without kicking them, or if they aren't on the server.

sm_unban <steamid> - Unban a player by their steamid.

sm_gag <player> - Removes a player's ability to use chat.

sm_ungag <player> - Restores a player's ability to use chat.

sm_mute <player> - Removes a player's ability to use voice.

sm_unmute <player> - Restores a player's ability to use voice.

sm_silence <player> - Removes a player's ability to use voice or chat.

sm_unsilence <player> - Restores a player's ability to use voice and chat.



With a little practice and reading up on these commands you can become a capable TF2 admin.

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