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Headphone Inventory

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Bose headphones Acoustic noise canceling ( for travelling so i can listen to some music, play movies on laptop)


Beats Tour (for listening to Music at work or train rides and trams)


Beats Studio & SOlo (for gaming, Vent, and Skype)

How in the world can you play games with Beats? They have no soundstage and even worse... no instrument separation.


-denon ah-d2000 (gaming, music)

-audio-technica m50s (music, movies)

-sennheiser hd35 {vegas edition?} (destroyed!)

-Etymotic HF5s {IEM} (ipod,iphone)

Nice Denons. I always wanted to demo the D2000 and a few Ultrasones.

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My JVC Hafx67b Earbuds have lasted over 2 years of constant abuse (about 8 hours a day of blasting) and they still sound brand new, got them on-sale for $25 at Future shop.

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