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Johnny Phoenix

Vacations to a Lucker =D

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im in a place called Andalucia Malaga in spain very nice guys i can tell you that 85% of Population



this is like Miami in spain here lives.. Sweden,Denamark,Norway,England,Americans, loads of countrys this is called Costa del Sol because here is sun all the day you can only come out to streets at 18:00 of afternoon its very hot.. well in this place life is like in the nights the bars and everything is only closed at 4:00 of morning.. there is loads of persons from everywhere.. people here are very nice always talking saying Hi and making conversations loads of 20 years old persons married i got my friend Jason married with a american girl called Susan best friend of kelly.. il put some photos in here of us..



http://cache.virtualtourist.com/1136633 ... madena.jpg (this is puerto marina is a dock very cool guys)


http://www.absolutmalaga.com/wp-content ... adena2.jpg (this is how you see from the mountain i

got this photo from my uncle )



im going to Italy in middle of august then if i do what is planned thinking of going to England to finish off a bussiness then heading to Seattle visiting Kelly`s family then going back to spain until 3 of september going to LA then coming back at portugal in 10 of september =)



Cya all il put photos after


best rewards to my COD4 friends and to all FA members new comers and old and future ones

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